Class Descriptions

New to Yoga

Basics/Level 1

Liberate the body, mind and spirit through simple asana, precise breath-work and practical application of yogic philosophy. This level 1 class will enhance your flexibility, strength and balance to pave the way for more challenging poses and classes. Build power in your legs and core, while opening up areas of tightness in your hips and shoulders. This class teaches the "basics" - the foundational poses, breathing techniques and philosophies of yoga.


Flow 1-2

Moving through Sun Salutations, fundamental yoga poses are sequenced, or linked, together with breath, bringing the mind and body in balance. Incorporating beginning and intermediate poses, including twists, backbends and some inversions, Yoga Flow 1-2 sets the foundation for a strong practice.

Flow 2-3

In this class, the flow picks up. Stronger, more advanced poses are taught, including jumpbacks in Sun Salutations, twists, backbends, binds, inversions, and arm balances. Variations and modifications are always offered, but students are also encouraged to find their edge. With dynamic sequencing, longer holds and deeper postures, Yoga Flow 2-3 is for students who are ready to practice in a challenging way, both physically and mindfully. This class is appropriate for students with a strong, ongoing yoga practice.
One Hour Flow Mixed-level Yoga Flow, short and sweet, and just $12! For yogi's on the go, One Hour Flow is offered every weekday morning and Saturday at 7:00-8:00am & Monday through Friday at 12:15pm.

Hatha 1-2

Hatha 1-2 is a slow, mindful and playful yoga practice for devoted students of the body. With less emphasis on flow (but always the breath), this fun, anatomy-conscious class invites students to do familiar, traditional yoga postures in different ways. Students are guided in developing their own unique way to experience Sun Salutations, standing poses, twists, backbends and inversions. Come play and explore, recognizing how moving mindfully can release old habits that lead to injury and create new, healthy patterns.

Hatha 2

Hatha 2 sequences Sun Salutations and standing poses with emphasis on alignment-based practice as well as linking breath to movement. With use of props (blocks, straps, blankets, walls etc), this class tends to hold and examine poses to create a deeper understanding and experience for the practitioner. Classes are designed to expand on your strength, stamina and flexibility, working towards more complex, advanced postures (inversions, backbends) and sequences.

Friday Night Flow

Get ready to move! In this fun, close-out-your-week flow class, move through Sun Salutations, beginning and intermediate poses, and build strength and stamina through inversions, binds and arm balances. Mixed-level.


Candlelight Restorative

Offered twice a week, Restorative Yoga is wonderful opportunity to relax the body and restore the brain. The body is supported in postures that are held for a longer period of time, using the support of props (blankets, blocks and bolsters) to feel at ease and find comfort in each pose. It is a softer practice designed to bring the body - muscles, joints, vital organs - back into its natural balance and state of grace. This is a relaxing, rejuvenating class. Bring a close to your week on Friday evenings, and open up to the next week on Sundays.

Breathe & Stretch

Slow-paced, sweet stretch. Start your day taking a deep breath (or two, or three), opening your body, expanding your lungs - and brightening your life. Ideal for students who want to move - but not necessarily flow - in the morning. 1 hour and 15 mins of pure prana. Rise & shine.

Yoga Stretch

This deep stretching class is set in a slow-paced environment and incorporates breath work and longer holds to help improve flexibility. Yoga Stretch is ideal for students of all levels who are particularly tight or recovering from injuries.

Meditation & Breathwork

Santosha to slow your flow. Following asana practice and just 1/2 hour, Joe offers this brief bonus class... mindful meditation and guided pranayama. Both are subtle but very special practices that are often overlooked in a 90 minute class format. By donation: $10 minimum suggested. Proceeds support the Sonoma Ashram Foundation.


Yoga Therapeutics

This slow moving, therapeutic class emphasizes engagement and release of specific muscle groups to address persistent/recurring issues such as low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, tightness in the hips, core weakness, and more. The work is very conscious and specific, and the movement is very fluid. Carmen assists students who practice yoga and any other physical activity in a safe and supportive manner. All levels.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga exercises the bones, lubricates the joints and deeply stretches the body's connective tissue, especially in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Yin does not seek to stretch our muscles; rather, the work is in the body's connective tissues, especially in the hard to reach areas of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Instead of the rhythmic contraction and release that best stretches muscles, connective tissue responds best to a slow, steady holds. When we gently stretch connective tissue, the body will respond by making muscles a little longer and stronger. The entire Yin practice includes only 3 dozen poses (compared to the 100's of most yang practices); in any given class, there may be only 6-8 poses, held for long periods at a time (sometimes, up to 10 minutes each).

Because of the practice's characteristically longer holds, Yin is more intense than our Yoga Stretch class. However, it isn't muscularly strenuous, and seldom leads to sore muscles. Like Restorative, a Yin practice is a complement to your regular, more strenuous asana practice. It is a practice that requires commitment and patience - but the rewards are big; it's hugely beneficial to a wide variety of people - from our most flexible and strongest practitioners to those with limited mobility, injury, chronic pain and seemingly insurmountable tightness. Your body will feel free and open, releasing deeply-stored tension. We can all use a little of that.

11th Step Yoga

11th Step Yoga is an open 12 Step Recovery meeting with a yoga and meditation format. It is a gentle 60-minute practice which uses recovery principles as its theme. It concludes with a positive, 30-minute open share. The class is structured to soothe the central nervous system, enhance alignment and detox the organs. It is meant to clear and inspire the mind, bolster contented recovery and relieve loneliness and isolation from the divine in yourself and others. It is open to anyone—people in program and the recovery curious. Cost is donation only. Court cards can be signed.